Founded in 2003, Luminar Finance is recognized as an industry pioneer for its unique ability to deliver customized financing solutions by combining deep experience, financial strength and an understanding of local requirements. These characteristics have contributed to Luminar’s successful track record of financing over one hundred large-scale projects and earning a global reputation as a value added finance partner to emerging market countries.

With a deep understanding of each client’s distinctive requirements, Luminar constructs tailored solutions which are flexible, financially attractive and designed to support long-term growth.

Luminar begins by establishing comprehensive Credit Facility Agreements (CFA) with its client partners that provide ready access to required financing.  Upon a projects approval, Individual Loan Agreements are agreed to fund the rapid implementation of projects of national importance.  This unique approach ensures ample and swift availability of financing for clients to achieve their desired growth objectives.

Luminar focuses on the fastest growing nations throughout sub-Saharan Africa, as well as in other global emerging markets.

Luminar’s CFA’s are available to finance progress in the following sectors:

To learn more about how Luminar Finance is Financing Progress, please contact us at info@luminar-finance.com.